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Choose a total of six (6) print ads from magazines to demonstrate the following: 
For the differentiation strategy… 
Choose three (3) ads that represent three different positioning tactics, including one emphasizing each of the following: 
• Product-related 
• Distribution-related 
• Promotion (marketing communications) related For the cost leadership strategy… 
Choose one (1) ad that reflects this positioning tactic For the focus-related strategy… 
Choose two (2) ads that represent two different positioning tactics For each advertisement identify and describe in detail the marketing strategy you think is best represented in the advertisement, as well as the primary positioning tactic demonstrated; fully explain each of your responses. 
Choose your print ads from a recent issue of any magazine; scan or screenshot the ad as it appears in the magazine, no reposts or lifts from third-party ad analyses. All six ads must be clearly identified as to source, labeled and attached to the assignment. 
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