– Paratext Assignment

This assignment consists of two parts:

Creative project
Get creative! Imagine that you are creating your own edition of Jane Austen’s The Watsons. Here are some questions that can inform both the creative and reflective components of this assignment.
What format would your book take?
What would you include in it?
What would the cover look like? Would it focus on a character or an object?
What would you do to add credibility to your edition?
What would you do in order to help readers understand the text itself better?
Would food be a part of it? Why or why not?
This assignment does not require you to have artistic skill, but it does require you to visualize your paratextual layout (eg, through scanned images, a short PowerPoint presentation, a YouTube video, etc.). Please do not spend money on this assignment.
Reflection essay
Write a 750-word reflection about your creative decisions. Explain how the paratexts you chose impact/inform/guide/redirect/problematize your understanding of the issues and themes at play in The Watsons.
Your essay should:
be in paragraph form
have a thesis statement (ie, make an argument about your goal for the paratext and why that is important)
make connections between quotations from novel and your paratext
use MLA formatting (e.g., 12 pt., double-spaced, using a bibliography). Consult the following website for all MLA rules and guidelines