– Personal Essayy: Education level, Significant obstacle,etc

educational and personal goals: Studying major accounting and looking forward to joining big companies to broaden my horizons.
Life history: Participated in many volunteering activities in Vietnam such as distributing food to the poor or donating to areas affected by floods and droughts. Currently working as officers, specifically president for OCC VCSA. And also a Board member for the VCSA association (VCSA is a donor in the scholarships here), the job of the VCSA association is to organize events to help the poor and big events, music programs to cause scholarship fund for schools in Orange County and Vietnam.

Significant obstacles you have overcome: Her younger brother was born with autism, the eldest sister has to take care of her parents and younger brother. (You can add many difficulties such as not being able to share with your parents because you know they are busy taking care of you, etc.)

Achievements you have succeeded: Although I have only been to the US for nearly 2 years, I have become a Board member in a very large VCSA club, it is very difficult to get into the Board.

Personal and financial needs that are unique to you, or any special circumstances that have had a significant impact on your academic performance: Because my brother has autism, he spends a lot of money and time on him, he can’t work, his mother has to I stay at home to watch my brother, so most of the money I pay for school is that I go to work to earn money to pay and also have many difficulties in life like the rent, we still live in an apartment and the money increases after covid so I have to go to work. more to help parents pay