– Personal Journey Through Erikson’s Stages of Developmen

*This assignment is an 8-10 page paper (not including the cover page and reference page), where you will first pick three stages as identified by the Erikson Stages of Development of your life thus far and then complete the next four parts.
*PART 1:Start with an introduction naming the three stages that will be discussed in the paper, why you chose the stages you did, who the interviewee is (please use pseudonyms for confidentiality purposes) and what their relationship is to you.  
*PART 2: This sections format will be completed as an interview transcript from this interaction to include your name as the interviewer, date/location of Interview, interviewees pseudo name, and a brief description of Interview, and finally the actual transcript. 
 You will need to create a list of questions to ask you interviewee in advance with a minimum of fifteen total questions asked, five questions per chosen stage.
*PART 3: Personal Reflection (2-3 pages):
After completing the interview, I would like you to complete a personal exploration of that same journey.  For each of your chosen stages that you have traveled, explore how you personally resolved the conflict presented in that stage and how the resolution may have facilitated or will facilitate future stages.   *Critique of Eriksons stages of development(2-3 pages).  Does his theory adequately explain behavior or is it not complete or accurate?  In what way is his theory helpful for developmental psychology?  Speak to the potential drawbacks as well as to strengths.  This is the only section in the paper that will require you to use references (intext citation) to back up your opinion.  You will be required to have a minimum of three scholarly references.
The sections need to be clearly labeled with four section headers: Introduction, Interview Transcript, Personal Reflection, Critique of Ericksons Stages of Development.