– PHIL245- Essay 1

PHIL245- Essay 1
Write a 5-page essay on the topic below:

Topic: In Politics, Aristotle develops many arguments to support the regime type that he calls “polity (politeia).” In Books III of Politics, however, he also defends kingship, the benign rule of one person. Reconstruct and compare his respective arguments for polity and kingship. Discuss if he prefers one to the other. If so, which one and why. If not, why not.
You are expected to:
·       Respond to the topic you choose.
·       US letter, 5 pages, double spaced… 1-inch margin, 12 font size…
·       US letter, 5 pages, double spaced… 1-inch margin, 12 font size…
·       You must have a very clear thesis and a clear structure.
·       Develop strong arguments that must be (1) logical (2) well-supported by textual evidence.
·       Cite textual evidence accurately properly (*lecture slides don’t count as textual evidence*).
·       Interpret textual evidence charitably.
·       Consider and refute possible disagreements that your readers may raise to your thesis.
·       Avoid spelling and grammatical issues.
·       Stay within the page limit (US letter, 5 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margin, 12 font size)
·       Not plagiarize
·       Give short context in the first paragraph like [ In this essay first section I will do this and that…On the second page I will focus or work on … ] This paragraph must be brief not more than a half-page and the conclusion also must not be more than a half-page… In conclusion mention, the main idea of the essay, summarize and professionally conclude it
·       It must be five pages no more and no less
·       At least 3 citations of one source: Between each citation, the maximum must be at least two or three lines…
·       Don’t cite lecture slides! They do not count as textual evidence.. In citation put the page number and chapter number… at the end of the book write which version of the book you used…
·       Use correct transition words
·       MLA or APA No matter
·       No grammarian mistakes
·       Always use very legitimate arguments otherwise you will lose scores
·       You do not need extra research and study just use one source which is Politics of Aristotle’s Book…
·       Do Not Go off-Topic
Five-Pages Division is Bellow
1.     Introduction paragraph, use Aristotle arguments for Polity must be just 2 pages
2.     Kingship, compare, prefer, and conclusion must be just 3 pages
3. the Last page will be only one source which is Plato Republic Book
–       Respond to the prompt — do not wander elsewhere
–       A clear thesis and a clear structure
–       Logical arguments supported by textual evidence accurately and properly cited
–       Charitable interpretation of textual evidence… For example, when Plato says about censorship in education but charitable saying this…
–       Consider what disagreements your readers may raise to your thesis
–       Careful proofreading … avoid spelling and grammatical issues

–       Think twice about the structure of your thesis before digging in… respond to the prompt. do not wander elsewhere… write a very clear thesis and very clear structure… also stay on topic do not go so far…
You do not have to:
·       Cite any secondary sources.
·       Argue for what the instructor or the TA may think to be true—Both of us have been trained for years to care about your argument far more than your conclusion.