– please use the image that i provided

here is the requirements:

In our written assignments it is always ok to begin by generally describing what you are seeing. But we want to begin moving towards describing what we’re seeing along with how it makes us feel or what we think it means.
Consider the difference between these two descriptions:

“There is a large red circle in the upper right hand side of the frame.” 
“There is a large red circle in the upper right hand side of the frame that could be either the sun, or a ballon. Its red color and the way it appears to be floating makes it feel warm and light.”

The first description shows that the person is looking at the work and describing only what is being depicted. The second description shows how the person is looking at the work, but using their imagination to “see” things in the image beyond the straight depiction. They also connect what they are seeing, with physical sensations and feelings. 
By doing this, you’ll begin to make more connections between the subject (what’s being depicted) and the form (how it’s being depicted). Ultimately we are developing a framework to explain what we think about the content of the work (or what we think is means), and get at a more engaged experience with the artwork.

Your submission should be 300 word, and please include the image file and title of the piece you choose to write about.

here is the link if the artwork: