For this assignment you will compose a proposal outlining the details surrounding your upcoming User Guide Project. The Process Instruction Proposal calls for you to choose a process and compose a detailed set of instructions for this process. There are many options available and will largely be dependent upon what you know and would like to write. I am very flexible in your choices as long as the process provides you with enough substance to effectively compose a substantial project.
Use the format found on the sample Instructional Proposal provided in the Week 6 module. Please use the following headings for your composition:

What is the purpose of the document you are submitting? Not the purpose of your instructions, but rather the purpose of the proposal.
Overview of Project
This is where you should provide the details of what process you would like to use for your instructions, why you feel this choice will allow you to successfully complete the assignment, what specific portions of the process you intend to use for the project, and how you plan to compose this. You should also work to provide an overview of who your intended audience is and what their familiarity with the topic is.
Task List (Note: the sample provides a place for collaborative writing here, if you are composing this project alone, you may omit the group roles.)
This section should detail what tasks are necessary in order for you to complete the instructions project. What do you need to do in order to complete this project?
This is where you will provide a detailed schedule of when you will be completing the tasks for the task list. Think of your schedule and when you have time to work on this project and plan on when you will be completing each task. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly.
Please provide a few (2-3) references that you can use as a source of information for your project. Think of where you can get information that you may not have or when you need more details for the project. a url for the sources is adequate.