You are the vice president of design at TERRIFIC TOYS UNLIMITED INC.  For the last five months, you have received random reports that your toy CLAIM THE MOON is malfunctioning on a regular basis.  Rather than fly once it reaches twenty feet off the ground it turns on its back and dives to the ground with its pointed nose.  Several claims have been received for stitches but nothing more.  Today there is a claim for a lost eye by a 9-year boy in California. 
How are you as CEO going to react to that claim?   What are you going to do?  What reports are you going to order at what frequency?  Are you going to recall the toy?  Why or why not?  What do you think should be done to make sure more eyes are not lost? Are there other injury considerations?  What laws and regulations are involved in the policing of toy safety?
Write a two pages double spaced paper answering the above questions with at least two outside resources.

Title is “Week 7 Assignment”, I do not need Name, Course, Instructure and Date on the very top, I need two full pages, double space writting. There is no textbook needed. Please find 3 sources related to this assignment. Thank you!