– Professinal development plan and Job search

Professional Development Plan and Job Search Strategy:  This is two assignments combined into one.  Please submit a cover page for each portion of this assignment.  
Professional Development Plan/After this class is over, how do you plan to develop professionally in your ideal career?   What are your goals and objectives to becoming an employee that is in demand and can choose several positions?  This addresses YOU!  How are you going to stand out from competition?  Do you need additional certificates or education, or do you need to pass an exam?  Is there anything else you need to know to become successful after you leave school and transition into employment?
I am looking for a paper with two full pages, as assignment expectations defined as above and in earlier assignments; to answer in detail the questions above.  

Job Search Strategy/How are you going to strategize finding the perfect job?  You can create a mapping chart if you like.  This bullet addresses the job itself.  Through our discussions, create, develop, and originate a Job Search Strategy.  If you do not choose to use a mapping chart, I would like this done in two full pages, double-spaced as defined above in earlier assignments; to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the assignments. You also must have two separate cover pages for this assignment.    

Your rubric is as follows and this assignment is combined as far as points go Assignment worth 15 points.
13-15 Followed directions, one or two typos and proven to have mastery and comprehension of assignment.
14-11 Followed most directions with few typos, proven to have some mastery and comprehension of assignment.
10-8 Followed some directions, major typos and some mastery and comprehension of assignment.
7- We may need to revisit assignment expectations.