– Programming

2. Look for comments that are prefaced by the following character sequence: //*** within the file.
3. Your instructions are these line comments.
4. I highly recommend that you download two copies of the Starter File one to be used as instructions reference and one to     be modified with your code. The reason is that the instructions in the Starter File will reference some of the line numbers of code in order to provide more clarity and when you modify the program file, this will change the line numbers associated with specific lines of code.
5. Programs that do not compile without errors will receive an automatic score of 50%.Warnings are okay and will not result in a loss of points.
6. As indicated in the assignment starter file instructions, all code that you are instructed to write must be commented by you. Commenting will be at least 10% of your assignment grade.
7. In other words, the highest possible grade will be a “B” for a perfectly working program with poor or no comments.
8. A completed Project 1 will not have all of the functionality of a fully working Yahtzee game. Projects 2, 3 and the Final Project will build on this Project. Therefore, each subsequent Project will add and/or change game functionality.