Assignment Instructions
Complete this assignment on one Excel sheet. Access and review the .
Include the following components in your analysis of the data:
Part 1
Analyze the data for questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 (binary questions). Your analysis must have the following elements:

Sample Size.
Sample Proportion of each response.
Bar Chart or Pie Chart.

Part 2
Analyze the data for Questions 5 and 6. Your analysis must have the following elements:

Sample mean.
Sample median.
Sample mode.
Sample range.
Sample standard deviation.
Sample minimum and maximum.

Part 3
Explore your data a bit further. What are two interesting findings from your survey responses? You might investigate responses for selected variables based on responses to your binomial questions. For example, if the answer to question 1 were Male or Female, and the answer to question 6 were Annual Income, you might examine average annual income for males only and females only and compare these results.
Present your findings in an appropriate table, graph, or chart. Then, write in the same Excel spreadsheet a 12 paragraph summary of your findings.