– Session 4 Systematic Theology Discussion

Discussion Prompt: Personal Salvation
The blast from the neon sign almost caused you to lose control of your car. It was late and now it was raining. You had to work overtime to finish the project that was due before the end of the day. The last thing that you needed right now was a sermon. Repent, be baptized, or go to hell! It is your choice! The sign flashed again. How stupid. Why would anyone with a brain use such a blatant message to advertise a church? Oh well, you thought, I have been a Christian all my life. Repentance is not a thing that I need. Only today Molly (in the next cubicle) said that she had been saved and was going to be baptized next Sunday. Saved? I wonder what she meant by that?
Erickson discusses The Beginning of Salvation in chapter thirty-three of your text. This is without doubt a very controversial subject. What is your reaction to the way in which Erickson approaches the subject? Has this been your experience? Theologically where do you stand on the matter?
In this response, as in all others in this course, you are responsible for assimilating course content and applying both your reading for this class, as well as any other outside sources to support your perspective.