– The God of Small things close reading and analysis

For the response paper assignments, you will be employing a close reading analysis to dissect and interpret specific sections of the novel. The passage that you choose should also be elaborated and connected to the larger themes or concepts you have found in the novels. Close reading is essentially a form of literary analysis that delves into concrete and deeper meanings of the text.
Since you will be choosing a specific passage, you will focus on the use of language that is used by the author. The focus on the language entails the pattern of language that is present in the passage: specific word choice, repetition, rhyme, metaphors, symbolism, etc. Your response should not solely analyze the langue of the text, but this is a strong starting point to create a nuanced analysis. You can also focus on the dynamics between characters in the section, the tone of the passage and its relation to the events that unravel in the novel, the narrative structure of the passag
The passage of your choice should be roughly a paragraph in length. The passage from the novel should be a significant chunk of the text that you can provide a fully developed response to. Be sure to connect the passage that you choose to the larger analysis of the novel that you provide. Why is this passage a central part of the larger context of the novel? You can use additional quotes (if necessary) from the novel to strengthen your analysis, these quotes should not be block quotations.
Lastly, you can offer your overall impression of the text in your reading responses. You can also provide questions you have about the novel in this section, was the novel unclear in certain sections? Are there shortcomings in the novel: are there important perspectives that are absent? In your overall impression, you can tackle the theme of our class: the quest for national, ethnic, and cultural identities. How does this novel fit into the description of the course? Does the author provide a tangible and concrete answer to fulfilling the quest of national, exile, and/or cultural identities? How would you define these terms in relation to the novel?
The response papers will be evaluated based on the following:
Close Reading: Provides an insightful and thought-provoking interpretation of the novel. The passage is thoroughly analyzed to provide a strong commentary that shows understanding of the text.Writing: Clearly written and follows the conventions of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Avoids grammatical errors.
Format: The response has a clear and cohesive flow that showcases the transition of analysis and writers ideas seamlessly. The responses are not generalized, but provide critical and analytical observations.Novel: The themes/concepts of the novel is developed and interpreted by the writer to showcase