– Thesis

below is my thesis that will be used to complete this assignment. the thing that needs to be worked on is the evidences. 

Topic: Effects of Stress on Unborn Babies.
Thesis: Women’s mental health is vital during pregnancy due to its implication on the mothers well-being and the health of the unborn child.
EVIDENCE 1.Pregnancy leads to various emotions, such as stress, whereby Prolonged periods of stress on mothers during pregnancy may have a significant effect on fetus development and infant birth outcomes (Geisler et at., 2020).
EVIDENCE 2. Prenatal maternal stress affects the development of a fetus’s brain.
 Exposure to prenatal stress affects the developing fetus and the infant. The adult offspring experience impaired neurodevelopment, motor development, delayed cognitive, and impaired behaviors in stressful conditions (Fatima, Srivastav & Mondal, 2017).
 Such stress leads to lasting changes in neuroendocrine functions (McEwen, 2020).
 The exposure of prenatal stress on expectant mothers led by environmental adversities and stressful events leads to alteration of the fetus’s brain development.
 The neurodevelopment function of a fetus is related to and influenced by the physiological states of the mother.
EVIDENCE 3. Psychological stress experienced by mothers during pregnancy increases the risks of stillbirth.
A study conducted by Wisborg et al. (2008) among pregnant women with high-stress levels revealed that 80% were at risk of experiencing stillbirth.
 Psychological stress increases catecholamines’ levels, decreasing the flow of fetal asphyxia and placental blood (Fatima, Srivastav & Mondal, 2017).

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