– Thesis Driven essay on Identity

The essay is on Identity within the three stories 

How to Write a Thesis-Driven Essay
A thesis-driven essay is one in which your main point (your thesis) determines the structure of the paper.  So if you have two good ideas, and one of them takes three paragraphs to develop, and the other takes one paragraph to develop, that’s cool.  Go for it!  What you have to say determines the number of paragraphs you have, the length of those paragraphs, and the order of those paragraphs.  You can think of it under the mantra “Ideas First!”
To write a thesis-driven essay, you should think about what you want to say, and decide on your best main point.  This is your thesis. Then, think about what sub-points you might make to develop that thesis.  These sub-points become your topic sentences.  Then develop those ideas with supporting evidence (quotes and paraphrases from the story, which you close read) and make sure there is a logical organization.