– travel guide review

The essay will be based on the outline previously worked on
Garden district New Orleans 

You must create a travel guide/review and accompanied written campaign for a location on campus or around New Orleans (or whichever city you reside or work). ABSOLUTELY NO MARDI GRAS TOPICS WILL BE APPROVED.. You will use persuasive argument to entice tourists to visit your location. Creating the travel guide and accompanied written campaign will require you to include key pieces of evidence and support for your overall claim. I suggest traveling around campus,  your neighborhood, main streets, or to another area of New Orleans that you haven’t visited before! Find a new location where you can pretend to be a tourist and allow yourself to experience the location for the first time.
Only two people in the class may select any specific destination so try and be creative in your choices. Your travel guide is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to persuade your potential tourists using sound organization, compelling evidence from your trip to the location in your writing.
We will brainstorm possible options in the discussion board.
Questions you might ask yourself before beginning the written campaign:

Where is my location? Why have I selected this locale?
Am I only one of 2 people who have selected this location?
Who might be the possible tourists who I am attempting to persuade?
What are the amenities, natural wonders, entertainment, and cultural activities that I need to include in my campaign as evidence to support my overall claim?
How am I going to organize my writing and images to best persuade potential tourists?
How might I draw from the travel guides and their rhetorical strategies we explored in class?

**Note: You may choose to generate a more visual version of the travel guide using pictures, drawings or videos as part of your claim’s evidence. However, your travel guide/reioew must include 3 full double-space pages of 12 pt. Times New Roman font text to get to that 700 word minimum. I recommend embedding your images in the text after you are sure you have reached the page requirement. The word count should be around 700 words. Be creative and have fun! This is your chance to demonstrate what we’ve been working on with developing a complex, original claim with articulated stakes supported by evidence. It’s also your chance to play tourist in your own environment!
Minimum Requirements:
-700 words; 12pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced
-Based on a unique and complete stake-driven claim of your own, clearly articulated and supported throughout the your guide and/or written campaign
-Visit a New Orleans location(or a location in your own city) to gather compelling evidence in the form of descriptive writing, pictures, videos, drawings, etc
-Your final essay should also include 3-4 original photos embedded in the essay itself. Do not take photos from the internet. This is considered plagiarism and will not be accepted.
-Well organized with clear topic sentences