– Unit 4: Existential Therapy


Discussion Post

8 posts in total 4 each section. Posts must contain at least one scholarly source in order to count toward the 8 weekly posts. Each post must be at least 150 words with headlines. In text citation from the required reading is mandaory 

Yalom, I. D., & Josselson, R. (2019). Existential psychotherapy. In D. Wedding & R. J. Corsini (Eds.), Current psychotherapies (11th ed.) pp. 273-308. Boston, MA: Cengage.

Read the textbook before you begin to work on the lesson in order to get an overview of the theory.  Supplement the material in your textbook by reading the articles by Das (1998), Schulenberg et al. (2008), and Spinelli (2014).

Articles & Online Content
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