– Vietnam War

1968 was one of the most interesting years in the life of America. Many events occured such as the war in Vietnam, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the battle for civil rights, student protests at colleges, the 1968 Democratic convention and the election of President Richard Nixon. For your second writing assignment I’d like you to decide which event you would consider to be the most important in the US that year. Please begin your paper by writing: “Based on the historical evidence I have found, the most important event of 1968 was ______________________.”

1. MLA format
2. After your introduction paragraph you must use a piece of historical evidence showing why you choose it. At least the next 5 paragraphs will be set up similiar to this second paragraph(Ex. In one of Robert Kennedy’s speeches, he was going to make sure all Americans were free to vote) Then at the end of the paper cite the sources, such as the source of the speech, you found for each paragraph..
3. Then a conclusion paragraph wrapping everything up.
4. The paper must be at least two full pages long and use at least 5 histroical sources.