– Visual Presentation Poster

Visual Presentation Poster
Visual Presentation A3 Poster- tell a story about a disaster that has happened in the UK (The Great famine Ireland)

This is a visual presentation so you need to make good use of images and text to convey the story. Your target audience is general public.
Write between 300-550 words. Plagiarism free.  
Provide references for key factual information, you can also include a list of information sources you have used at the end of the poster.
Focus on how this disaster impacted human lives such as (death rates, diseases caused because of the disaster, raising mental health problems, etc).
A UK based disaster, human health story, human impact. 

Important notes:

Poster size A3 on Microsoft publisher. 
This is visual presentation it is aimed around “the use of images to tell the story”.
The poster must be visually appealing, engaging, and telling a story.
The images must be clear 
Informative and artistic 
Readable clear font 
Include a PDF copy of the poster. 

Please ask for any clarification before start working on this order. 
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