– WEBQUEST: The Immune System!

WEBQUEST: The Immune System! 
Go to this website: 
Watch the first 2:40 of the following video that gives an overview of how the body protects itself from microbes and explains how the first and second lines of defense work. 

List and give a brief explanation of the body’s three defenses.


How do each of the following protect the body: skin, sweat glands, mucus membranes, and acids in the stomach protect the body?


What are three nonspecific internal defenses? 

Watch the following video about natural killer cells. 

What are natural killer cells? What kinds of cells do they attack?  How do they work?  Is this a specific or nonspecific defense?

Watch the Bozeman podcast on The Immune System and answer the following questions. 

Mr. Anderson compares the defense of a castle to the defense of a human body.  Complete the following chart of that analogy.  Mention three specific parts of the castle and the parts of the human body that correspond and explain how they help defend us.


Part of Castle 
Part of Human Body 
Explanation of how they help defend us 





What is an “antigen”?


What are lymphocytes and what are the two major classes of lymphocytes?  In what part of the body are each type created?


Explain the humoral response.  What kinds of cells and chemicals are involved?  Explain the functions of each of these cells and chemicals.
Explain the cell-mediated response.  What kinds of cells are involved? Explain the functions of each of these cells.  (HINT: “killer” T cells are the same as “cytotoxic” T cells!)


What is the role of a macrophage in the immune response (in terms of triggering a specific immune response)?


What specific kind of cell is attacked by HIV? Why is this so damaging to the immune system?


How does a cold virus get around the fact that our immune systems produce memory cells against them? 

Go to this web page that further explains the difference between primary and secondary immune response. 
Read through the webpage and answer the questions below. 

Complete the chart:


Primary Immune Response 
Secondary Immune Response 

When does this response occur? 
(first or subsequent infection) 


How long does it take for the body to respond to the antigen? 


What immune cells are involved? 


Does the body usually display symptoms of being “sick”? 

Go to the following website.  Read through the information and answer the questions below: 

Distinguish between natural and artificial immunity. Give an example of each.


Distinguish between passive and active immunity. Give an example of each.


How does a vaccine work in conjunction with an individual’s immune system to protect an individual against disease?