– Why audience and ethics are integral focus and central components for the field of technical communication.

This term, we discussed three essential areas within technical communication:
1. understanding and meeting the needs of our readers;
2. practicing an appropriate standard of ethics;
3. writing and editing clear and concise documents.
Choose TWO of these topics, and in a Word document, write a memo explaining why these TWO of the three areas (audience, ethics, and style) are an integral focus and central component for the field of technical communication. Remember to begin your memo with a clear introduction that sets up the purpose of the memo. In addition, be sure that your discussion of these two topics relies on your own understanding of the topics as central components of the field of technical communication. Support your discussion with specific or hypothetical examples to demonstrate an understanding of the topics you’ve chosen. While you can reference the textbook anc class notes for definitions and terms (and ytou should cite the book if you reference it), you should lartely provide your own ideas and understanding for the memo.
Your memo should be between 300-500 words and should follw the standard structure and organization for memos. You should format the resonse as a memo to me. Your memo will be graded based on the structure and organization of the response as well as the quality of and support for your answer in understanding these topics.

Link for the textbook Technical Communications