– Written Assignment 1

Written Activity 1 (Mandatory):  View the videos in the You Tube folder for exam 1 course material. Answer the questions below. The paper length should be no less than 3 pages for this assignment. You may do outside research to answer your questions also. This paper is checked for plagiarism so make sure to put the information in your own words and don’t use direct quotes more than 25 words in the paper.
1. Why is race questionable in terms of classifying humans? Do you believe there are different races and why or why not? What has been the impact of race on the development of socioeconomic and sociocultural inequality in this country? Why is this country so absorbed with classifying people in racial categories?
2. Why is it important that African American history have a part in American history? Why has it been difficult to have an objective view of African American history from a political perspective or critical race theory debate? Why do you think many schools don’t teach African American history? What impact does the exclusion of African American history have on general public’ understanding of the African American culture?