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They Just Let Her Went Case Study
It is the fourth week of the school year, and you have been collecting data on one of your students who is struggling to make academic progress in your class. You call the student’s mother in for a conference to discuss your concerns, and during the conference, the mother tells you the following: 
First she was in the second. . . and they passed, they let her went, they just let her went to third grade. . . . The man that was s’posed to been helping her . .. he say he doesn’t like keeping kids behind .. . at the time I felt like she wasn’t ready to go to third grade. . . . I was telling him she needs to stay in that grade . .. make her learn more . . . then she would know everything . .. but they say she’ll pick up. . . . Her port card, evertime she got her port card, it was all Fs. I mean all of em. . . . She was still behind her grades and stuff, and she still is. She haven’t move up none. . . They pass her to fourth grade, and why they do it, I don’t know. (-Fern, single mother of three living in poverty), (Tutwiler, 2017, p.64).
– Case 8A: “They Just Let Her Went.” This case study was extracted from the course textbook, Teachers as Collaborative Partners.