Can you start off saying Hi Yvonne, Yvonne COLLAPSE Part I: There has not been

Can you start off saying Hi Yvonne, Yvonne COLLAPSE
Part I: There has not been an opportunity to utilize Motivational Interviewing in my internship so far. Motivational interviewing could be applied in a case when a parent brings their teenage child in for therapy. If the teenager was resistant during an interview using motivational interviewing with empathy, affirmation, reflective listening, and open ended questions would potentially help as an effective intervention.
Motivational interviewing could be an effective intervention with child welfare cases when a client sturggles with subsance use and is ambivalent about changing ( Child Welfare Gateway, 2017).
Part II: My “client” chose to speak about her “obsessive behavior”.
Why would you want to make this change?
If you did decide to make this change, how might you go about it in order to succeed?
What are the three best reasons for you to do it?
She stated that her obssesivness wastes time and keeps her from doing what she should be doing. She also stated that it would benefit her physical and mental health if she were able to accept that things can be done in different ways. She believes she is judmental of others and thinks she can get things done the “right way”. She wants to be accepting of help without being judmental. This “client” says that it is about giving up control for her so that “life is not working against” her.
How important would you say it is for you to make this change, on a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being not important at all and 10 is extremely important? Why are you at that number instead of higher or lower? So what do you think you’ll do?
“I would say it is pretty important”. Probably an 8. “At this point in my life I think I can change”…. “taking little steps, being less judmental and break this habit”. “I will try to be more accepting of help, be less jugmental and not dwell on things that you can’t change”.
Child Welfare Information Gateway. (2017). Motivational interviewing: A primer for child welfare professionals. Washington, DC:
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Bureau. Retrieved Sept. 2022.