Capstone project

*CAPSTONE Presentation: DE modification PowerPoint Format Use each slide as a Panel (see description below)SW606 Fall 2021 C.Hamilton syllabus 8.2021 The text should be large enough such that it would be readily readable. The text shouldbe double spaced. Note: sans-serif fonts (e.g., Arial) are easier to read than serif fonts(e.g., Times Roman). Lettering should be in dark, contrasting colors. Do not include photographs of clients, but you may include photographs of client-likesituations. Include Title slide: Name of issue being addressed, your name, with institutional oragency affiliation if applicable (practicum, work setting, etc). Organize material on three panelsPanel #1: Background includes bio-psychosocial/spiritual history, overview of the issuefor intervention, relevant theoretical and practice literature, rationale for selecting apractice model.Panel #2: Brief Case Description and description of the practice model, details on stepstaken in applying the model to a case.Panel # 3: Results of intervention using the model, challenges experienced, what youlearned about models strengths and limitations, personal learning if any, conclusion(does your experience verify what is in the literatureis the model of use in workingwith a certain type of situation.