Case Study: Armelia Ottinger

1 page with two references

1.    What DSM-5 diagnosis
would you give Armella? Identify the criteria that she meets and the criteria
that she doesn’t meet for your DSM-5 diagnosis. What
differential DSM-5 diagnoses would you identify for Armella?
Explain how you can differentiate the various anxiety disorders from each other.


½ page with one reference

2.    What
screening tools or measurement tools are available for anxiety disorder?
Include the tool with your discussion and describe what anxiety disorder(s) the
tool is useful for identifying/measuring and what limitations the tool has
(such as age, language, time it takes to complete, whether it costs money to
use or is free for use, and so on).


½ page with one reference

3.    What
medication changes (if any) would you recommend for Armella? Why or why not?
Include the name of the drug (trade and generic), dose, route, and frequency.
Explain your rationale for your medication decision. What education would you
give Armella about the medication you recommend? What risks are associated with
Xanax and all benzodiazepine medications?