Choose one of the research areas under the Trends in

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Choose one of the research areas under the Trends in Requirements Management in Chapter One of the Wiley Guide to Project Technology, Supply Chain and Procurement Management. Those trends include:

Data Processing and Modeling
Increasing Formality
Goal-oriented requirement elicitation
Nonbehavioral requirements

In this paper, provide the reader the following for your chosen trend:

Introduce information on the trend
What research has been done in this trend
What exciting new outputs may be derived from this research that could add to how we gather requirements
What is next for this trend e.g. further questions to be answered, efforts to use some of the knowledge derived from the research in projects, etc.


Assignment Format: APA format
Submission Format: MS Word
Length: [8 pages (not including cover & references pages)
Citations Required: Minimum 0f 5 citations (2 Scholarly and three from other legitimate resources)

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