Citations should be formatted in accordance with the apa style, edition 7th or the latest.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Research Paper: 15 pages and 15 resource
This is a scholarly paper you will write on a topic of individual interest related to the subject matter of this course. The purpose is to demonstrate a thorough investigation and understanding of a narrow topic of importance, most likely to a specific industry. Your writing may include the current problem and solution, basic concepts and motivations of business, key issues that impact business operations, analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the selected system, ethics involved, or other perspectives. Your selected topic should be in the area of these 6 units:
a) Business Ethics
b) Safety Issues in Industry/Business
c) Quality of Today’s Industry
d) Business Performance and Productivity in Globalization
e) Information Technology and its impacts on business/industry
f) Specific Issues in Industry, e.g. workplace violence, sexual harassment, discrimination,….
– The length should be between 10-12 pages (double space, Time New Roman 12) 14-15 pages , excluding cover pages, images, table of contents, references, and appendices (if any). I would expect a minimum of 15 reference sources from reliable journals, magazines, textbooks, books, and websites. Citations should be formatted in accordance with the APA Style, edition 7th or the latest.
– Final drafts in MS Word format will be submitted before the scheduled due date i n the Discussion Board under forum “Final Research Paper.” The paper should be written at a professional level capable of submission for publication to an appropriate journal or magazine.
· Your presentations will be viewed by the class through a file you upload in the assignment link. There will not be a real-time, synchronous aspect to the presentation. This will eliminate problems with equipment and schedule conflicts in the final chat.
· The requirement is a 5 to a 7-minute presentation that delivers the information from your paper in an engaging and effective manner. Aside from that, you have the creative license for your presentations. The most basic presentation would be Powerpoint slides with audio recording embedded in the slide, but your options are limitless. You could make a video, embed a video in a PowerPoint, use Prezi, the options are limited only by your imagination.
· If you go for slides, try to avoid ‘teacher slides;’ don’t make them wordy and devoid of sanguinity. Remember your presentation is a combination of audio and visual, not an onslaught of both at the same time — please do not fill your slide full of text and read it to us.
Here are some tips on slide presentations:
· (This is an effective example of what not to do)
There are myriad sources on Google for tips on effective voice recordings, videos, etc. Browse best practices based on the delivery system you choose.

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