Cite any information coming from the textbook or an outside source (ideally from a reliable .org or .edu website), using proper apa intext citations and references.

As a quick reminder, discussion board assignments should follow APA format, so be sure to review the specific instructions for these assignments and for APA style in general. You’re encouraged in these assignments to think in novel ways about the material covered, and very rarely will questions have correct or incorrect answers. You’re also encouraged to research and draw on outside sources for these discussion assignments, as long as they’re appropriate sources and are properly cited.
For this discussion board, be sure to answer all of the following prompts in complete sentences. Cite any information coming from the textbook or an outside source (ideally from a reliable .org or .edu website), using proper APA intext citations and references.
This week, we looked at a number of influential figures within developmental psychology. Of the theorists within our text and the ones offered in this week’s module, pick one that you’re most interested in learning more about, or whose theory you feel best explains some key aspect of yourself and your life experiences.
1. Read and research more about the theory/theorist you chose. Were there any aspects you found interesting, which weren’t discussed or not discussed in detail in the textbook or the lecture? Expand and explain it to the rest of the class. For example, you might choose to research more about Piaget’s views of schemas, or Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological theory, all in more detail than what was covered in the course material so far. [Be sure to properly cite your sources as well].
2. In what ways does this theory fit in with your own life, or the life of someone close to you?
3. Why is the theory important to our studies in developmental psychology? What does it tell us about how humans develop, or alternatively, do you think it might not be that useful after all? Do you think that the theory you chose for this assignment accurately reflects universal human development worldwide, or might it better apply to some populations but not to others?
4. Finally, write a short, brief reflection of material covered this first week, concerning the developmental theories and the research methods. Is there anything you found particularly interesting, or alternatively, anything you were confused by and need clarified?

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