Citizenship culture & Society

Research your chosen conceptual theme and write a critical reflective essay that addresses thefollowing questions. Note that each of the questions relate to the course learning outcomes.1. What does your chosen theme mean conceptually, in relation to your understanding of theconcepts of culture and society [LEARNING OUTCOME 1].2. How does your chosen theme relates to and/or illustrates issues of social and cultural diversityand change in todays society [LEARNING OUTCOME 2].3. Why is your chosen theme important in relation to your values, beliefs and identity and inrelation to important human rights agreements, that you think should be considered andperhaps addressed by todays society, and how [LEARNING OUTCOMES 3 & 4].4. Explain how your chosen theme may be applied in relation to your own academic disciplinesperspective, and how other academic disciplines may deal with this differently [LEARNINGOUTCOME 5]. 

 I have attached my first essay, this essay has to have relation with my first essays concepts and outcomes.