CJ520 Group Discussion week 8

must respond to the two classmates’ papers that are attached. Must recommend any solutions if any.  Provide feedback to two classmates submissions. Consider the following as you create your peer review: 
1. Did your classmate, in your view, correctly identify the public needs that are targeted by the recommendations to the departmental policy? 
2. Were your classmates assessments accurate regarding how adequately the departmental policy addressed needs?
 3. Were the suggestions made for improvement sufficiently comprehensive? 
4. Did your classmate sufficiently discuss the potential impacts of the departmental policy recommendations on the public and the relevant branch of thecriminal justice system?The comments you provide should be in the form of a constructive peer review featuring a discussion of the strengths of the milestone submission as well asareas that could be improved. Remember to keep the tone of your comments positive and constructive. You are reviewing the paper, not the person. You willneed to review the rubric for this assignment before beginning your review, and use the critical elements to help guide your review.