CNIT 131 Internet Basics & Begin HTML 932 Assignments Mod 11 HW 10 Understanding E Business

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Evaluating Hosted Storefront Software
From page 366 in the textbook:
You are thinking about opening an online store to sell products that you have made. You have no experience running an online store. But luckily you are taking CNIT 131 and studying all about hosted storefront software, which you can use to create and manage your store. Here is a list of example cloud services that you can use to set up a storefront online.

Pick two of these services (book says 3 – please only pick 2) and review services and fees.

Make a table that compares the services.
What is available for free?
What is available for a fee?
Find an article about the service that describes it – is it easy to use? Secure? Reliable? Any other important factors?
Tell me which you would use to set up an online store and why?