Common Sense

The reading that i have to write from is Thomas Paines – From Commin Sense
Pg 337-345 in my book, The Norton Anthrology American Literature Begginnings To 1865
Paragraph needs to be at least 10 sentences in paragraph format. Should be in MLA format: double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt, name header information, page header with last name and page number
Write a paragraph based on the C-E-C claim evidence commentary. Use a TAG sentence to orient your reader to the poem you will be discussing. Make a claim in the topic sentence which should be the first sentence of the paragraph. Support that claim with at least three pieces of evidence from the poem. Follow the claim, evidence, commentary style. Try to introduce quotes in at least two different ways(signal phrases, stand-alone sentences, or blended quotes). Finish your paragraph with a concluding sentence that wraps up or brings the paragraph to a close.