Comparing and Contrasting Arguments

Assignment #2, “Comparing and Contrasting Arguments”The basic assignment is to write an essay that compares and contrasts three readings from They Say/I Say on the subject that you will be writing your research essay about. You should analyze and evaluate the three essays. You need to explain the arguments of all three authors, but you also need to support your own position on the issue by showing agreement with one author more than the others. You must document your essay in correct MLA form even though all the sources will be from the text.A. You are to write a four-to-five-page essay (typed in MLA form).B. Your main goal will be to analyze and generally refute the points from the author that you most disagree with while using the ones you agree with to support your position.C. Stay focused on the specific issues that all of the essays address. Try to be fair and balanced with all sources.D. Focus on reasons and try to keep a rational tone. Avoid highly emotional language.
E. When you submit your draft, you should also paste a copy of it on the Essay #2 discussion board.
Your essay will be graded based on the following criteria:1. Coherent, accurate presentationu of the issues2. A definite thesis statement that asserts your agreement with one writer over the others3. Well-developed paragraphs with clear topic sentences 4. Clear, accurate, and fair summary and analysis of all three writers.5. Logical reasons refuting opposing points and supporting your own.

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