Complete the following tasks: 1) In Unit VI, you will

We will begin applying the ethics we are studying withJune 17, 2022Your team will have to find a problem to solveJune 17, 2022

Complete the following tasks:
1) In Unit VI, you will be turning in a design blueprint as you begin to outline your plans for the online course you will partially build throughout this course. Briefly tell your fellow classmates about the online course you are planning to design in this course, and identify as many goals, outcomes, and objectives from the course you will be planning (identify at least one of each, but keep in mind that you may still wish to change or refine these—especially after you absorb the feedback of your peers and instructor).
2) In this unit, we discussed learning strategies in general and three specific types of learning strategies. Research three additional learning strategies. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three learning strategies you researched as they pertain to your planned course’s goals, outcomes, and objectives.

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