compose an argument on an issue of Poverty, Minimum Wage, Evictions, Affordable housing, Rent Control, Welfare that you will take a stand/position on; you will offer reasons and evidence as support.

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Topics for this research paper are: Poverty, Minimum Wage,Evictions, Affordable housing, Rent Control, welfare. This research paper is due on Friday,February 4, 11:59pm.
Rationale:This research paper is designed to offer you practice in several criticalthinking skills crucial for success in upper division coursework. These includethe ability:
        To construct anargument composed of a claim, adequate support, and counterarguments 
        To compare, contrast,and analyze and synthesize ideas
        To work with a varietyof sources obtained through library research
        To summarize andparaphrase
        To execute the MLAstyle correctly
Using one of the themes that we explored in the class as your context,select an issue open to debate and take a position on it.
For example, possible Questions:
        Its clear that thereare racial disparities among people experiencing homelessness. But what are thechallenges for people working on programs or systems?
        What are the long-termconsequences for children who dont have stable housing?
        Where is the linebetween running a profitable housing business and exploitation?
        Desmond also says theright to a decent home is part of what it means to be an American (p. 300).What does Desmond mean by this statement and does it extend to owning a home?
        Housing costs pose thegreatest obstacle for low-wage workers. Why does our society seem to resistrectifying this situation? Do you believe that there are realistic solutions tothe lack of affordable housing?
        Many campus andadvocacy groups are currently involved in struggles for a “livingwage.” How do you think a living wage should be calculated?
        Growing economicinequality in America–Is this something that should alarm us?
        The Shrinking MiddleClass in America–Is it shrinking?
        Welfare in America–Isit sufficient or insufficient as currently designed?
Write an 8 page minimum argument in which you support yourposition with research from a variety of sources.  You will submit aWorks Cited page for your research paper.  If you write at least 8 pages,note that your Works Cited page will not count as the 8th page.  The WorksCited page will count as your 9th page.  Your essay should consist of atleast 8  pages of writing and you must cite from at least 6 sources (suchas books, journal articles, interviews, etc.). You must have acounterargument, this should be one page minimum and have a source.
Research Paper Topics
Once again, for the research paper, you will compose an argument on an issue of Poverty, Minimum Wage, Evictions, Affordable housing, RentControl, Welfare that you will take a stand/position on; you willoffer reasons and evidence as support.
Note: While the topicsbelow are posed as questions–your paper will declare a position on thequestion. 

        Makesure one of your pages is your counterargument