Construction Risk Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is for you to confirm your understanding of construction and engineering when managing subcontractors. As part of this, you need to identify the associated risks.
Provide an assessment on potential risks to be encountered during the construction operations of the works that have been provided for you.

Pre-recorded Site Tour
The following links will take you to the pre-recorded question and answer sessions of the now complete extension to the Sir Neil Waters Building. The videos include commentary from the main contractor, past students and senior lecturer to assist you in answering all the questions for this assignment.
Apply your knowledge learned from class and the information from your site example. This will cover construction techniques that are being adopted that will allow the buildability to run as per your previously identified construction program.
Identify all necessary construction materials, plant and equipment, waste and note all potential health and safety issues.
This report is to be submitted to your manager for review.

Provide a written report that contains the following:
A. Identify and analyse one (1) risk item connected to the proposed works under each of the following headings:
a) Materials management, Supply and Logistics;
b) Health and Safety management;
c) Construction Plants and Equipment;
d) Quality management and assurance; and
e) Construction Waste management.

B. Provide a detailed assessment of the risks’ resultant effects on the success of construction project if not treated.
C. Identify realistic treatment(s) to the construction risks identified.

Draw up a risk register (tabular form) containing the construction risks identified and the treatment(s) to these risks. The risk register should contain the following:
A. Item number;
B. Description;
C. Risk level (high, medium or low);
D. Impact without treatment (cost impact, time impact, quality impact); and
E. Responses (avoid, accept, transfer, mitigate).

Use the information provided during your previous Site Visit and other relevant resources such as the lecture slides, textbooks, journals articles, NZ building code, New Zealand contractors and construction managers etc. for this assignment.