contemporary quality/safety issue paper

Contemporary Quality/Safety Issue Paper

The purpose of the Contemporary Quality/Safety Issue Paper is to provide an opportunity to explore and define a quality/safety problem of the student’s choice (e.g. wait times, medical errors, etc).  I would be happy to discuss topic areas with you and/or to provide feedback on your selection. 


Write a paper detailing your choice of a quality/safety issue. The rubric below provided more detail for the paper. 
Feel free to choose a quality/safety issue from your current or future place of work. Think about how this issue can be solved (and potentially implement in real life!). 
Use at least 5 references and APA formatting.

Purdue University provides an excellent  that utilizes the APA 7th Edition format. Use this example as a guide for APA formatting your assignment. 

5 pages excluding title page, abstract, references, and any charts and/or graphs you may use.