Corporate Governance and the Business Environment – Reflection Paper

This is your opportunity to present your key takeaways (i.e., practical implications) from the course in 2-3 single-spaced pages. Id like for you to develop 2-3 main ideas in the paper. These can take the form of a 2-3 page, single-spaced paper, or they can involve a diagram with text to explain the key points. There is no need to cover all of the material from the course. Rather, focus on the 2-3 major practical takeaways that you see things that you would focus on if recalling this course 10 years from now.

These are intended to be personal reflection pieces and completely in your own words (or diagrams). Grading will consider both content and presentation/writing, and you are free to have others read your papers before you turn them in. Be creative and write well, including having an organizing framework for the papers. Read the papers aloud to hear how they sound. You will turn the paper in via the Assignments box, which has the Turnitin analysis activated for text. PLEASE dont have an issue with plagiarism.

Three mains ideas:
1. Which committee will I choose to be in? (Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, or Nominating Committee)
2. How is the cycle of fraud created? (peace, scandal (fraud), reforms, peace, scandal, reform,…)
3. The fraud diamond (Incentive, Opportunity, Capability, Rationalization)