Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses media representations and responsibilities.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses media representations and responsibilities. One may picture this. A young girl enters a toy shop and finds the girls corner full of stilettos and tiaras. She buys a few and takes them. She puts them on and is immediately transported to a dreamland in which she is none other than Paris Hilton. While her parents are happy watching her happy, they have not realized that the experience would stay within the childs psychology and she may anytime want to pursue a life when she grows up. The picture on the boy’s section is a tad bit brighter since there are doctors and builder kits for them. But everything bogs down to the same once these very kids open up media sources like television and magazines (Kiss, 2011).The present study endeavors to dwell upon all the factors present in todays mass media and how they cause apparent or silent sexualization of a childs innocent mind by spreading such sexualized images and merchandise all over on the market.The discussion may begin with the most used tools in mass media that one finds in contemporary culture. While these elements have been present in society all along, their quality seems to be degrading by the day, with more adult and sexualization being used to rivet the viewers attention and persuade him to purchase the product being advertised. Here is a quick listing of those tools and how some people have been using them to sell themselves or their services fast, keeping only the importance of adult life in mind.Television commercials or banner advertisements, one looks at the content being used in regular advertisements around us, and we find a lot of sexy ladies and gents ravishing their bodies and glistening skin to the viewer. No matter what the advertisement is about, whether it for a related product like a deodorant spray or, a non-related product like a refrigerator or washing machine, the advertisement still has a host of half-clad men and women calling on the viewer to enjoy the life that they seem to by using the product. A half-naked lady could walk into a tie and dye meeting and prove herself worthy of attention, just like how a processor that is sexy and smart like her would pep up the performance of a laptop or computer.