Criminal Justice (Serial Killers from film making and books)

You are limited to writing about texts covered since the midterm, specifically:

The Talented Mr. Ripley
Frankenstein (novel and/or film of your choice)
You (series or novel) 

Connect your thinking/focus to at least one of the ideas in the Schmid course text readings (assigned after the Midterm Essay).
Explore how experts in at least one other discipline — criminal justice, anthropology, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, filmmakers, writers, entertainment industry insiders — view the issue you are researching. 
You can also explore and otherwise compare and contrast how outside-of the- course texts represent whatever idea or issue that troubles, fascinates, or interests you.
Specifically, you can compare course texts and issues to (pick one — that you did not pick for your Midterm essay): 

Kalifornia (Links to an external site.)
Se7en (Links to an external site.)
Natural Born Killers (Links to an external site.)
Capote (Links to an external site.)
Extremely Wicked Shocking Evil and Vile  (Links to an external site.)

Example questions/topics:

The social implications of the glorification of serial killers in American culture, celebrity, and consumerism 
Whether serial killers are born or made — nature versus nurture?
Compare and contrast representations of violence in other texts such as representations of violence in video games or graphic novels
Serial killers as intelligent and charismatic  
The role of news media in creating famous serial killers as media stars 
The concept of a moral code
Serial killers after 9/11 

If you are unsure about whether a topic would be appropriate don’t hesitate to email me via Canvas.
Formatting Specifics:

MLA format
Five pages, not counting the Works Cited page
One-inch margins
12-point font no smaller! 
Include a thesis/argument/central point of view discernible within the first two paragraphs
Include at least five items on your Works Cited page – course textbooks, films, TV series, etc.