critical thinling personal narrative

G Remember what you have learned and discussed about critical thinking in your own life. Recall the discussion board brainstorming assignment in which you answered one or more of these prompts:

Explain a time when one or more of the critical thinking behaviors or characteristics influenced your behavior.
Have you ever reacted emotionally (did you “think with ‘heart’”?) and then regretted it? Would the situation have improved if you had been able to “think with rational judgment”?
Describe a time in your life when you were curious and excited about learning something new.

Use your outline to write your first draft. Remember the focus of your paper is to clearly explain a time when critical thinking influenced you. You will support your ideas about critical thinking’s influence on your life with a situational example.
Your essay should be a fully developed (5 or more paragraphs) paper that establishes an understanding of critical thinking, recreates an event that involved critical thinking, and develops the consequences stemming from the event.
Introduction: Establish the topic and purpose of the essay.

Body: Develop multiple paragraph narrative (or other pattern of organization as designated by instructor) to support the thesis.


Restate main points
Reflect on critical thinking 


APA format, including font, spacing, margins, title page, headers
2-3 pages

1st and 3rd person point of view are appropriate
2nd person point of view is NOT appropriate for this assignment