The Reflection paper is a critical review of the topics discussed from Week 1 through Week 5, with adequate citations of scholarly sources (at least 5 journal articles; texts, and/ or books). This is a midterm evaluation of students’ understanding of the topics discussed, and connection of these concepts to their practical value.
Please note that students must not evaluate the course, but rather, critically analyze the concepts, and how they matter in the broader administration of public and nonprofit organizations.
Grading will be based on the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the journal entry, and value-added based on students understanding and interpretation of course materials and outside sources. The analysis should demonstrate the use of critical thinking skills while discussing the following:

What new ideas did you learn through the lectures, readings, outside research?
How can you incorporate this information into your current nonprofit (or how would you incorporate it into a future position)?
What is your biggest take-away from the readings? Why? Be specific.
What specific quotes, ideas, and articles might you reference in the future?
How do the assigned readings relate to your policy area of interest, or to another current policy issue?
Are there any differing points of view (or common assumptions) presented that you find interesting? If so, do you have a stance either way? Alternatively, is there a point of view about the nonprofit sector that you are surprised the authors have not discussed more.

Entries must be of 700 to 750 words, 12-point Roman font, and APA style for referencing.