Critique Report

I assigned the attached article. Please follow these rubrics. 

Part 1:
Title of the article
Journal information (authors, journal, volume, year, pages)
Your name and date

Part 2:
Write a short summary of the article: (~100 words)

Background, purpose statement, methods, main results, conclusions

Part 3: Starting on page 3

1. The Problem (~100 words)
– Explain why this work is important.
– What specific hypothesis/question is being addressed?
2. Experimental design and procedures (~150 words)
– Does the design of the study allow an adequate test of the
– Is sufficient detail presented to allow one to replicate the study?
– What research methodology was used?
– What are the variables?
– How was data analyzed?

3. Results and Discussion (~150 words)
– Briefly summarize the main results presented
– Did findings support the hypothesis and purpose?
– Were weaknesses and problems discussed in the article?
– How might their study have been improved? Keep this simple.
4. Conclusions and Implications (~100 words)
– Are the conclusions of the study related to the original purpose?
– Were the implications or applications discussed?
D. Overall Assessment (~ 100 words)
– What is your overall assessment of the article (quality, readability, and contribution to the field)?