Current studies and how these relate to your chosen subject(s)

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Make a formal letter from me to the college, all the details are below:

The personal statement is an important part of your application to the BEng/BSc programme at the Military Technological College (MTC). This allows you to show why you have decided to apply for the chosen programme at MTC, how it is going to benefit or improve your academic and professional life and why the College should offer you a place for BEng study.
Your personal statement also helps you to think about your choice of programme and your reasons for applying, so that you know you have made the right decision. You can read more on how to write a personal statement from the following link from University of Portsmouth website.
This link will provide you with a host of valuable information for your personal statement, but keep in mind that you are not submitting your personal statement through the UK’s UCAS system. Instead, you will provide this directly to the College with your application.
Personal statement word limit
Your personal statement should be between 300-500 words in length. You need to keep it concise and make sure it is clear and easy to read.
Questions to guide you when writing the personal statement
The following four questions will guide you on how to write an effective personal statement.
a. Why are you interested in studying this programme?
b. Why do you think you are suitable for the programme?
c. How has your work experience influenced your decision and how will it benefit your studies?
d. What research, reading or further development have you undertaken since completing your undergraduate degree and starting work?
You can find more on these topics from the web link above.
What to include in a personal statement
1. Reasons for choosing this programme at MTC
2. Current studies and how these relate to your chosen subject(s)
3. Experience and how this relates to your chosen subject(s)
4. Interests and responsibilities and how these relate to your chosen subject(s)
5. Your future after graduation
6. Summary including why you will make a great student
How to submit your personal statement
Please include your personal statement as a typed document along with the application form.
*** Words count = 500 words.

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