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PhD Research Proposal on the intended
topic of own research (the length 2000–2500 words) is to be written in
English. Topics for the doctoral thesis must be chosen from our list of topics, which is updated annually. The names of supervisors and their contact address can be found there as well. It is highly recommended to contact a possible supervisor as soon as possible
in order to discuss with him/her the specific focus of your research
proposal and, in some cases, the possibility of making some adjustment
to the topic. For a Research Proposal Template, click HERE. The research proposal should be written in the following structure:

Scientific background for the project – the knowledge of current
state-of the art in a given field resulting in interesting research
questions that the applicant wants to solve. Goals and expected
contributions for science as well as for practice should be clearly
Methods – envisioned samples for primary data collection and
databases for secondary data analysis should be well specified. Methods
of data gathering (e.g. approved scales) and data analysis should be
The list of main literature sources relevant for PhD research proposal.
The research proposal should be signed by the potential supervisor.