Cyber Security

Answer all of the following questions in ONE typed, double-spaced document. List your answers in the order provided.
The corresponding question and number should precede each answer. Answers should be about 4 to 6 strong paragraphs long for a total of no more than 3 typed pages each. Be sure to spell-check.  This is your final exam, which is meant to show your graduate level understanding of the course materials and how they apply in the world.  Do not quote!  Show your expertise in how you understand and apply the materials.
Each submitted answer will be worth 20 points. This exam is worth 25% of your total course grade.
Save your document as LastName_FirstName_Final_5140_2021_F1. Use this same wording for your header on each page. Example: Smith_Jane_Final_5140_2021_F1.  Put page numbers in the upper right margins.
Answer Expectations: The focus is on content and thought in your answers. I’m looking for you to blend information from each week’s material with real-world thought.  DO NOT cut and paste the course or other materials in this exam.  DO NOT use bullets.  Provide in-depth discussion by explaining your answers so you can show that you are proficient in applying the course materials in the real world.

Discuss protection mechanisms and countermeasures you would put into place in a large vaccine research facility.   Describe your organization.   Give your organization a creative name.
Discuss what you would consider when writing a cybersecurity policy for a tiny-house business with a $2 million annual profit.  Describe your business.   Give your business a creative name.
Discuss how you would assess the risk of identity theft in an online money transfer organization.  Describe your organization.  Give your organization a creative name.
Discuss how you would classify the data/information of an international university.  Describe the university.  Give your university a creative name.
Discuss cybersecurity concerns specific to the COVID-19 pandemic.   Use what you learned in the course and what you saw/see happening in the world.  Be sure to cover a couple of your favorite topics from the course.