Daily Curriculum Plan 6

Open “1 Daily Curriculum Record (DCR) W5 TEMPLATE” and fill out the form
For “observation”, you have to write why I decide to make this curriculum plan from children’s interests, then “CurriculumExperience” should be the curriculum plan

Make the curriculum plan for the “A-Z list game” I give out papers written from A to Z and children will write anything they can find in the classroom, for example B:book, D: door like that, and anyone or any group who wrote the most will be the winner of the game 

I attached some examples below and Use “3. ELECT – Children from 9 to 12yrs Domain&Skills” for Domain&skills

This assignment is planning a curriculum after observing children’s interests. I’m working for school-age children. Use any initials for children’s names and make stories, make sure to use quotes(“”) for observation and verbal strategy section, thanks