Dangers of police work. Exposure to contagious and infectious dieases from people, animals, needles, and other sources.

Group Assignment #1 – What are the dangers of police work? What can be done to reduce those dangers?
Find multiple articles online in either the world, national, or local news outlets that directly relate the dangers of Police Work and what can be done to reduce those dangers. Explain the articles in your group’s words and utilize the knowledge you all have gained through the unit to explain the dangers of police work and what can be done. This assignment is worth 15 points. You will be graded upon the quality of the article as well as the quality of your work/understanding. Please include the links to the article you are using. It must be a legitimate news site.
You are divided into Groups. This is a group project and everyone in each group is responsible for creating and participating in the group assignment. The group is to decide collectively, who will take the lead in coordinating, working with other members in the group, and submitting a one-word document for your group. Once the lead member is decided, please email me the leader of your group.
Please watch video before attempting to complete the assignment.  
Due 9/24/2021 by 11:59 pm
Parameters: (Proper APA format expected)
* Word document (.doc or .docx)
* Font size 12
* Times New Roman
* Double-spaced
* 3-5 pages in length
* Must cite your sources (Resource/Cite Page)
* Header (name, course # & section #)
* Title Page (Group name, including each members’ name)
Below is the Rubric:

The argument is on-point, clear, logical, and well-articulated = 5 pts
The argument is somewhat ambiguous or not fully developed = 3 pts
The argument is weak, unclear, irrelevant, or disrespectful = 0 pts
Supporting Material Material strongly supports an argument and is drawn from lecture/text and outside material = 5 pts
Material is inadequate for supporting the argument or is missing content from lecture/text or outside material = 3 pts
Material is inadequate for supporting argument and is missing content from lecture/text or outside material = 0 pts
Spelling/ Grammar Free from any Spelling or grammatical errors = 5 pts 
1-2 spelling and/or grammatical errors = 3 pts
Multiple spelling and/or grammatical errors. = 0 pts