Data Analysis Assignment

Research a problem in a business that could be solved with an effectivedata solution and use academic articles to report back on possible ways tosolve it. Ideally, this problem will exist in a workplace where you currentlywork and is a really painful issue or is an issue that would create either acompetitive advantage or deliver value. Meaning that the approach would solve aproblem that would help the organisation to grow in some way. This could bethrough things like pricing, identifying valuable customers, increasing thelifetime value of customers, increasing the goodwill of the company in thecommunity, and other related issues that may be found in other MBA courses.Below are useful planning steps to consider:

Find a pressing issue or opportunity that data could provide a solution for (refer to example 1 and 2 in the attachments).


Write a short paragraph at the beginning, defining clearly what the problem is.
Find 4 to 6 refereed articles that support the idea that this is a problem. In other words, find the articles that show why this is a problem.
Write a summary paragraph at the end of the research explaining what a solution to the problem would be. This would be the helicopter view of the solution. Note: there is no need to provide references for the solution as this is a purely creative exercise.

Must be in a  annotated bibliography? And Should include:

Brief introduction indicating the overall topic and approach to your annotated bibliography
Annotations of at least FOUR (4) refereed journal articles

Articles must be peer reviewed (see resources in general Assessment area on finding articles)
Articles must be published in the last 10 years
Annotations include:

purpose of the study
main variables in the study
short summary of findings

Discussion that summarises and integrates the articles

You may use other references in addition to the 4 articles in this section

Recommendations that link evidence to practice
Reference list

Begin the reference list on a new page
Not included in word count

Please write the assignment on either one of the twoexamples attached:
1.      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or
2.      Performance dashboards
The organsisation is Sydney Catholic Schools and thedepartment I work in is Human Resources and we have neither dashboards or CrMin place so as the operations manager I have identified hat this is an issuethat we could look into and data could resolve as we work towards supporting 152schools.
The two attachments are examples of how to write the assignment-do not copy the assignments.
Please use the matrix to complete the analysis of the peer reviewedjournal articles. 

Video link explains the assignment: 
What is an annotated bibliography?